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I am now also contributing to Wired To Hunt, which can be described as: "The deer hunting blog for the next generation. Focusing on deer hunting news, stories and strategies". Mark Kenyon has been including various blog articles from my site for his "Friday Morning Mashup", and also puts together an outstanding web TV show, featuring episodes every other Monday throughout hunting season. I invite you to continue along with this article by clicking on the provided link, and while you are there, check out the great site, collection of articles, and various episodes Mark and his team have put together!

For my first Wired To Hunt article, I would like to share with you some recent success I experienced on 2 hunts, in 2 different states, using the same 3 tactics that you can take advantage of within this amazing cold front taking place this coming weekend.

Couch Success

I was at a taxidermist shop a few days ago and a pretty good hunter explained to me that he was going to be sitting that particular night, but that it was pretty poor conditions so he didnt expect much. My thought was, why hunt? When I enter the woods, I expect success and if I dont, I have found that it is better just to sit inside, on the couch. Here are two reasons why:

Each stand has a perfect time of the year, a perfect time of the day, and a perfect set of weather conditions, to sit in. When a particular stand is used, use it with the expectation of a very high measure of success and then move onto the next stand. In the first 14 sits of the year this year I used 11 stand locations in 2 states, so it probably doesnt come as a surprise that the two bucks and 1 doe that I harvested came from stands that were being used for the first time for the year. If I dont expect an opportunity when entering a stand, I dont hunt.

By not hunting stand sets during less than desirable circumstances, those stand sites tend to improve the longer they are not used. In my experience each sit deteriorates that locations potential while on the other hand you can let those same spots age like a fine wine! How do you do that? Its simplesit on the couch. Your Best stand may be burned out after a couple of sits for the rest of the season. However, you most average of stands can be turned into your next Best stand simply because you have neglected to use it for the entire season and you have allowed it to age and improve.

Morning Bedding Activity

Couch Hunting has a lot in common as it relates to my personal success while hunting during the morning. Whether sitting in a stand for the first time for the year or hunting in the morning, 80% of my mature bucks have been killed using at least 1 of those tactics. When quiet, cold mornings follow warm and stress-filled weather changes with high winds, rain, or snowits time to get in the woods! I have found 2 types of hunting when it relates to morning success, including: Those that kill a lot of bucks during the morning, and those that dont. There are a few morning tactics that I like to follow to experience consistent success:

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Designing Your Next Experience of Whitetail Success

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