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Important Weekend Whitetail Forecast Alert

important weekend whitetail

Folks, it really doesn't get much better than this, for this time of the hunting season! Understanding this important weekend whitetail forecast alert, will make sure that you can hone in on the target buck you are after. Many great bucks will fall during this weekend weather pattern! Are you ready?

Here are 4 weather graphs from Weather Underground, for a wide range of cities so that you can follow the cold front's path, including: Houston MN, Beloit WI, Kokomo IN and Zanesville, OH.

Houston MN, Whitetail Weather

important weekend whitetail

Beloit WI, Whitetail Weather

important weekend whitetail

Kokomo IN, Whitetail Weather

important weekend whitetail

Zanesville OH, Whitetail Weather

important weekend whitetail

Important Key Weather Forecast Details

For most of you, this incredible opportunity barely touches the weekend! What does the whitetail weather forecast mean for you then? That if you can beg, borrow, trade, plead or just simply take a day off on Sunday or Monday, instead of Friday and Saturday, that you will place yourself smack dab into the middle of one of the best days to hunt during the entire month of October!

"When temps and pressure meet, bucks will be on their feet"

-That quote comes from a highly successful weather hunting fanatic friend of mine, Jared. Jared and I talk weather, bucks, land, habitat and hunting strategy frequently, and how you can use the weather to predict exactly when to hunt. Jared has perfected the art so much, that at least a couple of bow seasons have ended within hours during his first sit. When talking about the incredible opportunity for when temps and pressures move close together, Jared text me that quote, and it describes this weekends opportunity, perfectly - Thanks Jared!

1. Sunday and Monday look outstanding for Houston, MN and Beloit, WI!

2. You can't miss Monday and Tuesday in Kokomo, IN and Zanesville, OH!

Consistently shooting mature bucks takes a lot of patience, because when a large majority are hitting the weekends hard, it is hard to hold off. However, think of all those hunters hitting the woods during poor to average days, as increasing your chances even more so, for the perfect days. For any of you that fall within this MN to Eastern OH forecast (and quite a bit further West or East), you are several times better off hunting your top circled day(s), then the entire weekend, as well as later next week, combined. Just 1 high value day is more powerful than just about any number of poor value days, combined. If your goal is to just get outdoors, I encourage you to try hiking, fishing, camping or maybe even scouting some public land. But if you can create that 1 day hunt, then maybe you can trade that extra time that you aren't hunting, to spend with your family, friends or at work.

*The information in this video will guide you to success, all season long and to check out the formula for success, make sure to read my 2017 Rut Forecast.

Morning Vs. Evening Sit Forecast

We are still in an October feeding cold front pattern, which means that although some of you are seeing a bit of rut activity, you still should place a premium on an afternoon hunt. I still like taking a chance on a morning sit if it is a stand that I will not be using during the next 10 days AND if that morning sit does not have the potential to deminish the value of a high priority evening sit.

Morning sits are just around the corner, so make sure not to burn out a great pre rut stand just yet! Also, again, avoid the temptation to sit in a stand this weekend, that may lower the value of an incredibly high value sit on Sunday or Monay (depending on your location).

important weekend whitetail

*Jared is not only a mature buck hunting, weather forecasting specialist, but he has managed his parcel and created a balance of a healthy herd and habitat, as well as anyone I know - and that includes my other 650+ clients across the country! Here is his story with a 6 year old buck he named Air Ball.


Folks, I try to shoot as straight as possible on my advice, with a huge attempt at delivering as much sound advice to as many hunters as possible. Will everyone that follows this advice shoot a monster buck? Of course not. However, in my experience from not only my own whitetail pursuites since 1986, but those of thousands of my readers, viewers and clients; if you hit the woods during this front, your odds at connecting are many, many times higher than the average day. This upcoming forecast is not a joke, it is the real deal and if you can even just sit during the first prime day where temps and pressure meet - you won't be sorry!


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