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2017 Whitetail Rut Forecast

The 2017 whitetail rut forecast for the best days to sit in a tree this Fall, includes toe numbing mornings, clear blue skies and if you have to predict, probably even a little snow. However, let the whitetail rut prediction follower beware, because not all rut forecasts will lead you to precision success. The rut formula that you will learn in this article relies on decades of proven tactics that you can apply to not only hunt the 2017 whitetail rut, but to predict which days to hunt during every rut for the rest of your life!  

2017 whitetail rut

Create Your Own 2017 Whitetail Rut Predictions

Following various rut calendars and your favorite day of the month of October or November, can be hit or miss at best. Why? Because even the most popular forecasts rely on a heavy dose of coincidence to hit the actual best days to be in the woods. While no prediction is perfect (even this one), you can still narrow your whitetail rut efforts to a more reliable method that you can not only use for the entire rut, but for the entire hunting season. The key factors to follow for 2017 and beyond, are these:

1. Temperature

2. Wind

3. Extreme Weather

4. Stability

5. Moon (last and still least) 

By learning how to use all 5 of those factors to forecast which day to be in the woods, you will be well on your way to pulling the trigger on your best target buck, nearly every Fall. The the most consitently reliably days to climb a tree, rely on the most predictably unstable weather patterns. If you are a numbers kind of a person I will provide plenty of math for your enjoyment however, if you prefer results, make sure to check out some of the examples below of how those 5 factors were specifically used to create proven results. 

*In 2016 I used this formula to predict the harvest of 2 target bucks, including the Ohio Public land rut buck featured in the above video. 

Whitetail Rut Prediction Formula

The bad thing, is that math is boring. The good thing about math tho, is that math can be used to accurately assign levels of predictability in many areas, including when it comes to the annual whitetail rut! If you don't care for shear boredome of numbers, make sure to skip ahead. However, if you want to ingage in a mathmatical formula that will deliver during the rut and any other portion of the hunting season, here you go:

1. Calm Days before the front/Poor Value Days: 2days=1 point, 3days=3 pts, 4days=8 pts, 5days=10 pts

2. Temp Change (pre-post front): +2 Points for every temp drop up to 20 degrees(2-4pts)

3. Top Wind Speed During Front: 1-10=1point,11-15=5pts,16-20=7pts,20+=10pts(1-10 pts)

4. Extreme Conditions During Front: +2 each for extreme rain, wind (25+mph) snow, sleet, and thunder(0-10 pts)

5. Wind Speed Post Front: 0-10mph=5 pts, 11-15=3 pts, 16-20=1 point(1-5 pts)

6. Value For Each Day After Front: Day 1=Full Value, Day 2x.67, Day 3x.33

7. Moon Phase: +5 for Full Moon late morning sits, -5 for Full Moon Evening sits +5 for dark moon evening sits (+/-5 pts)

Now, I do not expect most folks to figure out every day that they want to hunt during the 2017 whitetail rut, the early season, the late season or even during a Summer scouting mission. However, I developed this formula to accurately reflect the conditions that not only do I personally use to determine my own rut forecasts each season, but this formula accurately reflects that majority of my buck harvests dating back nearly 25 years! If you learn the concepts of this formula, you will be headed towards a highly predictable level of success, every Fall.

***I hope you have enjoyed the article so far! This article is being updated on the hour, so please stay tuned, there is a lot more to come...thank you!


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