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How Mock Scrapes Work For You

*How fast can mock scrapes work for you? Probably a lot faster than you may think!

Do you want to create it, define it and then support deer movement? Then a mock scrape will work well for your desires. However, mock scrapes work extremely well for many other areas of your hunting and habitat management goals too!

Mock Scrape Users beware!

Right NOW is a great time to start your next mock scrape! It doesn't matter if you are reading this in February, April, August or November; right now is the time. The sooner that you can get a mock scrape to start working for you, the better. But, let the mock scrape creator beware, because there is a very important tip at the end of this article, that you need to pay attention to!

There are 3 ways that a mock scrape can work for you, anytime thoughout the entire year:

mock scrapes work

*Mock scrapes are one of the great ways to reinforce a line of deer movement! What is a line of deer movement? Make sure to check out, Micro Managing Buck Movements.

1. Trail Cam Mock Scrape Opportunities

Mock scrapes work extremely well for setting up the perfect trail cam shot, in the perfect location. We use 1 mock scrape in the middle of a particular 10 acre valley that includes 2 acres of food plots, to definitely get a shot of every buck that wanders through the area. 1 great mock scrape and a Great Trail Cam, is all it takes to get an accurate, highly inclusive hunting season inventory, of the local buck herd.

2. Holding Deer Movements Together by Mock Scrape

After creating a line of movement from buck bedding to doe bedding to afternoon food source, a mock scrape will work as a form of glue, to hold it all together. Mocks scrapes, Waterholes and minerals are all forms of supporting improvements that serve to strengthen deer movement. Why is that important? Because highly defined deer movements equal highly defined, hunting season success!

3. Establishing Patterns of Mock Scrape Use

Mock scrapes are a great way to establish and create buck movement to specific locations, during the entire year. Even if not aggressively used, a quality perennial scrape has the ability to begin deer movement during the majority of the year. When is the best time to create a mock scrape that will begin working for you? Right now!


Mock scrapes do a lot more than just create a location for bucks to visit. Instead, mock scrapes are a powerful tool that you can use to work for you, to reach your overall whitetail goals. However, what is an extremely important tip that you should follow? That the more scrapes you have, the lower the power and overall value of each and every scrape that you create!

In my experience, creating more than 5-10 mock scrapes per 40 acres, can be highly counterproductive you your over all mock scrape efforts. Would you like your latest mock scrape to work for you as a great place for a trail cam, for supporting movement or for creating patterns of use? Then less is more, when it comes to the amount of valuable work that a mock scrape can ultimately complete for you.


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