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Deer Hunting In The Rain

While deer hunting in the rain can lead to a pretty miserable sit in a treestand, great results can make the soaking worth it, when you learn to practice this simple strategy!

The great thing about rainy weather is that it eventually stops. The longer, more intense and wicked the weather is, the more of a deer hunting opportunity that is created for you. By focusing on either the breaks in the rain storm or the actual end of the rainy weather all-together, the process of deer hunting in the rain can turn from miserable to highly rewarding.

deer hunting in the rain

Deer Hunting Breaks In The Rain

Let's face it, deer still move in the rain. However, depending on the intensity of the rain, I have experienced that deer activity can range from average to non-existent, as the level of extremity slides from mild to severe. When severe rainstorms persist for several hours to a day or more, make sure to look for two things:

1. Holes in the Weather

2. The End of the Rain

It doesn't matter if its rain, snow, thunder, lighting, high winds of any combination of extreme weather ingredients - deer become highly stressed! Stress burns energy, the lack of quality feeding opportunities creates hungry whitetails and if you add in a signficant drop in temperature, whitetails can experience a triple threat to their energy reserves. So what happens when the rains subside? Deer travel, feed and what I have found, is that they will predictably increase all forms of daily activity levels. By learning how to read the weather and plan for breaks in the rain, you can set yourself up for some outstanding opportunities in the deer woods!


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