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Critical Weekend Whitetail Weather Forecast

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If you are an ultra serious whitetail hunter who lives and dies by the weather forecast, this weekend can not be missed. If you are patient and have waited for your first bowhunting sit to be perfect, then this weekend's weather forecast has it all! From MN to MI to NY, double digit temperature drops rule the Upper Midwest. However, when you consider that the weekend forecast calls for the huge drops throughout IL, IN and OH, the whitetail hunting forecast this weekend could not be better if your passion is for narrowing in on an early season mature buck.

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Key Weekend Weather Forecast Factors

Temp drops rule when it comes to urging a mature buck to his feet during the entire hunting season, let alone during an early October bowhunting opportunity. When you combine this front with a weekend opportunity, a much greater-than-average number of bucks will be taken across the North 1/2 of the country.

While many wait for the rut, there are incredible October opportunities if the land you hunt is set up to deliver. What does it take? Recognizing an early October opportunity begins with 2 important ingredients:

*A mature buck present on or close to the land that you hunt

*A double digit cold front

Some hunting parcels or hunting styles need to rely on the rut to increase the opportunity for success enough to confidently head to the woods. However, many of the top whitetail hunters across the Country harvest their bucks during October, and this weekend will be no exception. I have to admit that personally I have had to rely on the November rut to fill my tag for a mature buck on occasion, but at the same time 1/2 of my oldest bowhunting buck kills have taken place in October. If you aren't taking advantage of October opportunities like this, you are really missing out! Who knows, that monster you are after may end up in the back of your October-hunting neighbor's pick-up if they are following the weather. There are 5 takeaways from the Vermontville, MI forecast that I shared above:

1. A 13 degree overall temperature drop sets the stage for a major boost in feeding activity.

2. Although I don't typically hunt mornings this time of the year, a 19 degree temperature drop from Friday to Saturday morning can't be missed!

3. Sunday is a lower value weather forecast and Monday is back to the norm.

What is the moon phase for this weekend?

I really don't know and it really doesn't matter. Weather change pushes whitetails to their feet, not the moon phase. The only time I suggest you pay attention to the moon phase is during a Full phase. A full moon phase will often increase the intensity of the late morning feeding slot enough to cause whitetaila to browse a little longer than normal, within 100 yards of their bedding area. Deer feed 5 times during a 24 hour period and while a full moon phase may create a rollercoaster feeding cycle, the weather will ultimately determine the majority of the movement. So what is the moon phase for this weekend? As a serious mature buck hunter who relies on my success for my career, it doesn't matter. ThiseThis weekend's weather forecast calls for a high degree of success regardless of the moon phase.

Don't Miss This Weekend's Forecast!

October success hinges on the 4-5 cold fronts that historically sweep across the whitetail range. If I had a to take a guess, most likely over 1/2 of all October mature bucks are harvested within 6-8 high quality weather forecast days, and this weekend holds a couple of those days. If you live closer to the Dakotas and MN, that front is taking place Wednesday to Thursday. Where I live in SW WI the front is taking place from Thursday into Friday and in MI and East to NY the front is fallling squarely on the weekend.

While some mid-value hunting can take place just prior to the cold front, the high value days come on the heels of the front, within the first 36 to 48 hours of rising barometric pressure, clear skies and cooler conditions. By the time the 3rd and 4th day sets in following the front, the overall value per sit will have deminished greatly.

If you can take advantage of the front, make sure to focus on the downwind edge of remoted bedding areas during the morning hours and within secure travel corridors on the way to major food sources during and afternoon sit.

Good luck and we here at WHS can't wait to hear about your success!


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