Whitetail Strategy Seminar Series

Advanced Whitetail Strategy Seminar Series Coming Soon!

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First Advanced Whitetail Strategy Seminar Coming Soon To Grand Rapids, MI

"Whitetail Strategies are a large part of my life and my passions, and are 100% of my full-time profession. I lover seeking "anything whitetail" for the entire year, and have an extreme passion for discovering, experiencing and defining concepts that can be applied to anywhere a whitetail roams. This seminar series reveals all of my highly proven concepts, directly and personally to you."

-Jeff Sturgis, Founder and CEO of Whitetail Habitat Solutions, LLC.

Title: Precision Target Buck Hunting; All Season-All Weather

When: Tuesday, August 29th, 2017, 6-9pm + time for questions following the event.

Where: Holiday Inn Downtown, 310 Pearl St. NW, Grand Rapids MI

Cost: $100 includes workbook and refreshments

To Reserve Your Spot: Call 608-452-2632 or email info@whitetailhabitatsolutions.com

This is the first Whitetail Strategy Seminar Series event and it is coming soon to Grand Rapids, MI. Don't miss out!

Key Precision Target Buck Hunting; All Season-All Weather Seminar Topics

*Learn how to predict the best days to hunt all season long, in particular for the early season, October lull, all phases of the rut, gun season and late season.

*Learn how to choose the right stand locations for the best days to hunt, based on the time of season and time of day.

*Learn how to use the weather to create precision hunting opportunities for you, to capture an extremely high level of success for specific target bucks

*Discover tactics that have been successfully used for decades on both private and public lands, in multiple state

whitetail strategy seminar

Recent Whitetail Strategy Seminar Series Feedback

"When it comes to designing a parcel for efficient and affective mature buck hunting there is no one that brings more tools to the tool box than Jeff Sturgis. It's pretty cool what can actually be accomplished on a small parcel when his plan is implemented and his methods are applied."

-Jared Archer, WI

"Well worth the time and money for the education and knowledge I walked away with. If you want quality deer management and bigger bucks on your property don't miss this event."

-Dana Sacia, WI

"If you are a serious deer hunter, if you want to attract more mature deer and hold them on your property then Jeff is the guy to talk to. He goes over every detail from food plots, bedding, travel corridors, access, scent control every aspect is covered. From the seasoned veteran to the 1st timer you will definitely learn how to become a better hunter and land manager. I strongly recommend Jeff for your hunting and habitat needs."

-Darrell Crawford, MI

whitetail strategy seminar series

Advanced Tactics For Designing Your Own Hunt

Why do seminars and habitat days sometimes provide so little? It isn't typically because those who host the event aren't fully immersed in the content that they provide, it's that their content is based on a narrow depth of work on their own land, in their own state and under a very set combination of variables. While the information can be great, that information may or may not, apply to you. This is not one of those events!

With the luxury of working on over 600 client whitetail parcels in 22 states since 2005, and hunting without a guide on both private and public lands in several states since the 80s, I have discovered and defined a wealth of highly refined whitetail concepts that can be applied to anywhere a whitetail roams. No matter what state you live in and no matter what type of land you hunt, own or manage, the content that will be delivered in my Whitetail Strategy Seminar Series will undoubtably hit home for you.

*This is not a whitetail event that will reveal what merely works for me, but instead, what will work for you!

*The above advanced food plot seminar is about 1/3rd of the amount of content that you will experience at one of my Whitetail Strategy Seminar Series events. There will be several topics that you can take advantage of throughout the year, so make sure to stay tuned for upcoming events!


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