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2017 Peak Rut Forecast Alert - Go Time!

It's GO TIME in the whitetail woods, just about anywhere in the country, and the forecast isn't going to be disappointing the hunting masses! The 2017 Peak Rut is already here or coming in hot for the next 10 days and the more time you can spend in the woods, the better. However, not every day is created equal so for those of you that need to make the most of their precious time in the field, this 2017 Peak Rut forecast will help you decide when to hunt, when to spend time at work and most importantly, when to spend time with your family.

The good news for those of you that can't hit the woods every day, is that you probably shouldn't hit the woods, every day! Excessive hunting and over pressuring your favorite treestands can rob you of incredible mature buck opportunities that may lie just around the corner, not to mention hunting too much can burn out your family and boss. I have experienced that even during the peak of the rut, that some days can be 10 times better to hunt than others, and in the whitetail forecast below, there are several days that you can't afford to miss! Not only can you not afford to miss these days, but you can't let impatience lead to burned out stands and burned out lands, before one of the golden peak rut days has even happened.

2017 peak rut forecast

*It really can be as simple as choosing the days where the falling temperature and rising barometric readings, become closest together. In this 2017 Peak Rut forecast, those HOT cold front days are 11/3, 11/6, 11/8, 11/11 and 11/13. Make sure not to miss out on these highly predictable, Cold Front Hunts!

2017 Hot Peak Rut Forecast Predictors

Change. Change in the forecast is what will guide you to success. When you see day to day, morning to morning or even evening to evening temperature changes - don't miss out! However, make sure to take note of the high pressure days, drastic changes in wind speed and any change in extreme weather patterns that relate to heavy rain or snow. Often the go-time changes can appear subtle, for example a morning to morning change of 7 degrees and a rising barometric pressure; even when the forecast daytime high is the exact same temperature! Change is what you are looking for, and while the amount of rain or snow, overall wind speed or even the exact barometric pressure forecast may be a little off, major changes in the weather are not. You can easily learn to look at the weather and make informed decisions for which days to save your hot stands for, which days to work or spend time with family instead of hunt, or which days you might be better off hitting the water for some late season walleye fishing.

*"When temperature and pressure meet, the deer will be on their feet!"

Create Your OWN 2017 Peak Rut Forecast

Folks, it is 2017. What that means is that we all know the rut takes place at the exact same time every single season, and that there are no factors that come close to creating daytime rutting activity, that rival the weather. Do you need proof? Check out how many deer you see in your favorite afternoon feeding hotspots, during extreme winds, rains, snow heat or thunder. When conditions are cool, at least somewhat calm and deer haven't been pressured, you can count on deer to hit their favorite afternoon food source early and often. When the conditions are warm, windy and extreme your sightings can range from zero to a few but bottom line, weather plays a huge roll in deer movements and you can count on those movements all year long. In fact, your Summer scouting efforts can take a huge boos if you follow these same weather forecast predictions.

The above screenshot from The Weather Underground, may not be your own exact weather forecast. In fact, unless you live in Chicago, it will not be. However, the same rules apply and the key is to be able to use the tools discussed throughout this website and YouTube Channel, to create your own forecast.


Would it be great to be able to have several properties and several dozen stands so that you could hunt every single day of the entire rut? Maybe. I say maybe because if you are like most of us, you have to balance between work, family, friends and hunting even when the Peak Rut is luring you to your favorite stands with the soothing voices of grunts, rattles and bleats. Personally, I have hunted more than 5 days in a row only twice since 1986 for a reason: I can't afford to burn out my stands, family and career, on poor weather days. Folks, it pays to make sure that you don't miss the best days to be in the woods, and to recognize the priority and value of those days as it relates to your success. You won't be sorry!


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