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Pete's SE MN Habitat Design Experience

"I was a year into getting acquainted with and hunting our farm and knew that 2012 was going to be the year I set my long term plans and started making all of the changes necessary to enjoy long term hunting success. Over that previous year, I had researched everything I could on whitetail management and planned to use that info along with my past experiences to accomplish my goals. As I started making plans in December, it occurred to me that although I have had a good amount of success hunting over the years, I was finding some particular problems with our land that I couldnt quite figure out. Not wanting to get things wrong and have an eternity of frustration, I started looking for just the right resource to help me accomplish my goals and save me time and money. Thats when I found Jeff.

Although I was very skeptical as I searched over potential consultants, I found Jeff and his website to be very genuine. It wasnt packed full of trophy harvest photos and marketing tactics pushing you to call for more info. He was just offering up a lot of great information that made a ton of sense. Based on the info I got off of numerous sites, I made the decision to contact Jeff. When he responded to my request, he was very friendly and sharing and never once pushed hard for my business. He answered all of my questions and simply made me feel comfortable. An hour after our first phone conversation, I called him back and asked to set a date. Best decision Ive made since I bought my farm.

Jeff showed up at our place on a Friday morning. We spent the first hour getting to know Jeff better and planning out how the day would go. From there, we headed out the door and started walking. It didnt take even five minutes to realize Jeff already knew where he wanted to go first and see his excitement about the property. From the first site evaluation in prime bedding area to the future set aside to food plots to travel corridors, Jeff kept the entire day exciting by creating visions of whitetail paradise. From start to finish, hardly a single detail went unturned. When we got in to the house more than six hours later, Jeff quickly switched from imagination and dreaming to setting a plan to make those dreams a reality by laying it all out on paper. When he got done, he explained every last detail of the plan and made sure all of our questions were answered. As he walked out the door, he reminded us that we would come up with many more questions and that he was always available by email and phone and to reach out to him for any help we want.
So heres what we got and I know you will too. An absolute expert who is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet for a value many times over what we paid him for it. Jeff never once changed his mind about what to do. He started his plan and followed it through without wavering. He addressed all of our access concerns and helped us better understand how to use the neighboring parcels to our advantage. He also saved us a great deal of work we had planned to do. Im sure Jeff will make you feel just as good about your experience as he did ours."

SE Minnesota

SE MN Habitat Design

Thanks for the kind words Pete, and I always look forward to hearing from you! Best wishes to you and your habitat success, and don't forget to keep in touch...


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