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Autumn Olive And Honeysuckle Deer Rant

Honey Suckle And Autumn Olive

Autumn Olive and Honeysuckle

If you are coming to this video for tips on how to get rid of or remove Autumn Olive or Honeysuckle, then you have come to the wrong place. Instead if you have it, learn to manage it and enjoy the many advantages that Autumn Olive and Honeysuckle offer a variety of wildlife populations or deer herds. Both get a bad rap because they are not "money trees" and are labeled as invasive. However even native box elder trees get the same bad rap, because they are not money trees. often when you remove Autumn Olive what you replace it with, is a much lower value to wildlife or no value at all. If your goal is to remove Autumn Olive and replace the habitat with tree tubes of hardwoods, this video is not for you. If your goal is to grow future boards per foot instead of wildlife, this video is not for you. If your goal is to remove every Autumn Olive or Honeysuckle that you see, I hope that I can change your mind because often that cave man mentality can destroy and harm wildlife populations, as well as your own wildlife goals. Please repeat after me, "I have Autumn Olive (or Honeysuckle) and I will not destroy wildlife populations or my own wildlife goals, by removing it". Here is why you should learn to manage and enjoy, Autumn Olive and Honeysuckle.


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