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How To Hunt Deer In The Rain

hunt deer in the rain

Hunting deer in the rain often has more to do with hunting around the rain than in the rain. How you choose to hunt deer in the rain relies on your ability to time the rain showers, to make sure that you are hitting the small windows of whitetail opportunity.

Huntin In The Rain Or Not

While my personal preference for a few reasons is to not hunt in the rain, I do often sit in the rain. Why, because holes in the rain or the actual end of a major rainstorm, are when whitetails are really on the move.

deer in the rain

No Impact Rain Shower Stand Entrance

Whether you scent becomes washed away, your motion and scent is completely hidden or the noise of your approach is completely masked, you can often hunt a rainy day with zero impact on the local deer herd.

One of my favorite, proven approaches is to sneak in during heavy rain into a somewhat sensitive location, and then wait for a hole in the radar that is approaching. With my wind, approach and scent covered once I am in the stand, this an exceptional way to sneak into the outside of a buck bedding area.

*Once the deer front passes thru, make sure that you are ready for an incredible Cold Weather Hunt!


While deer rarely move in extreme rain, the opportunities that that present themselves as soon as the rain showers let up or end, can make it highly worth getting a little wet!


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