Whitetail Success by Design

Whitetail Success by Design

Designing Your Next Hunt of a Lifetime

Released September 2012

Experience Whitetail Success Now!

“Whether you hunt private or public land, I am confident that the concepts described here can help you design your next whitetail hunt of a lifetime. I have personally relied upon these concepts of Whitetail Design to achieve Whitetail Success for decades, and I am excited for you to do the same!”

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You will discover the following concepts of Whitetail Design:

  • Depth of Cover
  • Food and Cover Balance
  • Bedding Layers for Mature Bucks
  • Critical Food and Cover Timing
  • Cool Season Bedding Cover
  • Analyzing the Structure of a Whitetail Habitat
  • Predatory Access for Mature Bucks
  • Morning Attacks for Mature Bucks
  • Recognizing Stand Conditions for Mature Bucks
  • Recognizing Stand Conditions for Mature Bucks
  • Creation of Deer Movement
  • Establishing Patters of Food Plot Use
  • And many more!

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