Establishing Whitetail Lines of Movement

March 14th, 2013

I often teach my clients to use longs lines of food and cover to draw deer out of high quality bedding cover, across stand locations, and into large open food sources where they feel safe. By using a combination of screening grasses, native regeneration, and long lines of various food plot combinations you can establish these movements from late summer through the months of winter.

*August, 2012 looking west

In the example above and below my client used native regeneration, Egyptian wheat, brassicas, and soybeans to offer a great combination of food and cover to pull deer past a high quality stand location, and into the center of his ag land that he is in the process of converting to a combination of a high quality food and cover.
*July, 2013 looking east

At the same time these established lines of movement effectively “bridge” the gap between his east and west wood lots, effectively keeping the focus of the local deer herd towards the center of his own parcel, instead of towards his surrounding neighbor’s land. Where the line of cover and food snakes towards two distant points of woods and finally into the woodlot to the west, numerous highly defined stand locations have been created. By adding several well-placed waterholes the “Line of Movement” is futher enhances, along with the adjacent stand locations!

Every parcel is different, as are the combinations of appropriate food and cover options, but a common theme among the parcel designs that I find are the most effective, include various similar lines of movement opportunity.
*January, 2013 looking west

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