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2017 Late Season Whitetail Forecast Alert

2017 late season whitetail

What do you get when you combine a 32 degree temperature drop smack dab in the middle of the secondary rut? A late season whitetail forecast hunting alert that absolutely can not be missed! The late season is an outstanding time to fill a remaining buck tag, and you aren't going to want to miss what this forecast has to offer!

Every hunting season we get about 1 major cold front a month, and a cold front like the one in this week's forecast will be about as good as it gets! With daytime and nighttime temps dropping over 30 degrees in just 2 days and nighttime lows dropping over 4 over several days, the deer will be smacked into reality from lazy, random and much warmer than average conditions, to instantly feeling the effects of a deep freeze. The greater the change, the greater the opportunity for you as a whitetail hunter, in particular if you still have a late season buck tag to fill.

*December food plot hunters beware, unless you practice these low impact late season Food Plot Hunting Tips.

Major 2017 Late Season Weather Highlights

While the above forecast is for where I hunt in SW WI, all that you need to do is to log into The Weather Underground in the desktop version, plug in the city where you hunt, and click on the 10 day forecast. Although the dates and times will become later as the location you hunt in moves to the East the same weather change hunting concepts still apply! Here are the few highlights that you need to be aware of, to plan your upcoming hunts:

1. Sunday's Mild Temps + Mondays Storms

Sunday's mild and lazy day followed by Monday thunderstorms will urge the entire whitetail herd to put the feed bag on for a major change. While the barometric pressure plummets and just prior to the major winds of change taking hold on Tuesday, Monday will offer some pretty good storm-infused food source hunting, during the afternoon hours. However, when the thunderstorms hit and once the winds begin to climb over 25-30mph, make sure to head for cover like the whitetails will, and wait patiently for the cold and calm that will arrive just 24-36 hour later.

2. Tuesday Evening's Food Source Watch Alert

While the majority of the herd will be bedded down and conserving energy during daybreak, those same whitetails will be extremely hungry after a long, stressful, energy robbing wait for the front to break. This sets the table for an extremely high value hunt on both Tuesday and Wednesday evening, smack dab in the middle of the Midwest's Secondary Rut. Just the drop in temps, presence of extreme weather and change in winds over the next few days was enough to rank Tuesday and Wednesday evening as 10 out 10 days, but when you add in the secondary rut factor, this opportunity is literally as good as it gets, in December!

late season food plot hunting

*When is great time to head to a late season cold front stand? During The Evening!


This is it, this is literally the BIG ONE, when it comes to weather infused mature buck hunting opportunities! If you have buck tags left and a vacation day to spare, the next few days will be worth your time. Do you feel a sadness sickness coming on? Than I would call that, perfect timing, if you can still manage to climb into your favorite blind or treestand!


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