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food plot tips

10 Advanced Food Plot Tips for Quality Deer Herds

Food plot lovers beware, because if you are not following these 10 advanced food plot tips, your potential for creating quality deer herds and hunting opportunities may be doomed no matter how pretty and attractive your plots become.

food plot strategy for mature bucks

Critical Food Plot Strategy For Mature Bucks

You can't afford to miss this critical food plot strategy, if your desire is to create a habitat for mature bucks on small parcels. Believe it or not, often the more attractive a food plot is, the greater the potential for that plot to actually displace mature buck bedding opportunities on your land.


Whitetail Bedding Canopy Myth Tips

When talking bedding areas, many people believe the myth that a whitetail needs bedding canopy for cover. This simply isn't true, so here are some tips and strategies to help get your whitetail bedding area up to par, without wasted effort or unnecessary confining whitetail bedding canopy. ​

build a better deer

How To Build A Better Deer Trap

Building a better deer trap takes a lot of hard work and experience. While it can take many years to gain the knowledge for creating high quality deer habitat and the deer hunting setups that follow, I have found you can find success quickly by recognizing the strategy of using the common mouse trap.​

whitetail bedding log

Whitetail Bedding Log Myth Tips

You may have never heard about the whitetail bedding log, but believe it or not, it is being used. While most bedding habitat improvements are appropriate for a portion of lands, none are the golden ticket on all lands. The bedding log however, is never needed, if your deer bedding game is being executed correctly.

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