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Scott's Upstate NY Whitetail Experience

"I hired Jeff last year to look at 120 acres of family land. The property has always been successful in the past at producing some 2.5 year olds and an occasional 3.5. After spending a lot of time holding out for an older buck, I began to realize that they just may not exist on the property or area. I started doing some research on habitat and came across Jeff. After talking to him on the phone I realized we had a few things in common. We were the same age, both of us shot competitive archery in the past, loved hunting whitetails and both went through the dreaded target panic. If you dont know what target panic is, good.dont research it. I have been bow hunting since I was a teenager and have been very blessed with the skills and dedication to the sport. While I believe my woodsmanship is pretty good, my understanding of deer behavior was way behind. Jeff totally opened up my eyes on a whole bunch of avenues or is that travel corridors.Jeffs visit was at the end of a long stretch of traveling and I could tell he was pretty wiped out by the time he arrived. I just cant believe how much he travels. Anyways, my son who just started hunting joined us to walk the property. As we scoured the property, Jeffs pace suddenly picked up and I knew he liked something about the area we were in. He was really excited about the potential that he saw and explained. We later grabbed a bite to eat and talk about what the property needed. He left me with a plan start to finish and put some priorities in order. I started implementing the plan last summer year, so honestly I have no results to report as of yet, however I have no doubt this is going to turn everything around and just maybe hold a few older bucks.Jeff is a great guy that spills his guts trying to educate folks with his strategies and implementation. I strongly urge folks to read his articles before and after you hire him. You can tell this guy is into it, he loves to ramble on and on, you just have to listen to what he is saying, let it soak in, especially the access articles. Another thing worth mentioning is that this habitat work takes time and cannot be conquered in a day or two. Initially, depending on the property, it takes a tremendous amount of effort and work and not necessarily money so take your time. Once his plan is implemented, the property is yours to enjoy with a little maintenance. Heck, you will save the money back from hiring him knowing you can get your honey-do list done and the deer are sitting ducks when the time is right."

Scott Groats
-Upstate New York

Upstate NY Whitetail Experience

Thanks a lot for the testimonial Scott. It was a pleasure spending the time with you and your family...what a great walk in the woods, great scenery, and a great family! I look forward to hearing from you again soon...and best of luck hunting those incredible Upstate NY whitetails!


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