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Why Use Lighted Nocks For Bowhunting


Barring a few stubborn western states, the widespread legal use and acceptance of lighted nocks has exploded over the past several years. Lighted nocks have greatly influenced the bowhunting industry as most outdoor television shows have supported and encouraged their use. They undoubtedly make hunting footage more captivating and easier to see; but do their benefits end there? Absolutely not and in my experience, there is no good reason not to use lighted nocks for bowhunting.

Bowshot Arrow Placement

This is a no brainer! In many scenarios, deer approach ideal shooting range at dusk, in the final moments before last light. Struggling to watch your arrows flight without the aid of a lighted nock is extremely difficult; so why risk it? Often times in light or dark instances, in the heat of the moment it can be difficult to recall exactly where your arrow hit the animal you settled your pin on. That crucial information often becomes the deciding factor in whether to track the animal, or give it some time. I can assure you from experience, remembering exactly where your arrow struck is much easier when there is a glowing beam of light on the end of it! It can also help to illustrate how much penetration your arrow made.

Direction of Deer Travel

Aside from knowing where you hit the deer, its also imperative to know which way it ran! I have shot over a dozen deer with lighted nocks. Alongside the memories of the arrow sinking into each animal, there is another memory of the lighted knock either stuck in the dirt on the end of my arrow, or bobbing and weaving through the brush as the deer fled. Good blood trails are never a guarantee, so being able to pick up where the lighted nock disappeared is another advantage that these nifty little devices offer.

Finding Your Arrow

Everyone loves a good track job. Pulling out the flashlights and taking to the woods with your closest hunting buddies is a ritual most bowhunters look forward to every fall! Whether you “Smoked” your target or not, finding the arrow is like finding a key piece of evidence. Did the arrow pass through? Did it stop at the first shoulder blade? What color is it stained? What does it smell like? These are all crucial questions, and they all can be answered once the arrow is in your hands. Seeing a faint glow more than 30 yards down the blood trail is sure to make your heart skip a beat! Whether that glow is coming from your arrow while it’s in the deer or in the brush along your blood trail, you are 30 yards closer to your trophy with a big piece of the puzzle at your fingertips. When tracking during the daylight or after dark, a lighted nock can help you find and illuminate your arrow.


Try Using A Lighted Nock For Bowunting

These are all great benefits that lighted nocks offer when you shoot a deer, but they can also point out imperfections in your bow setup before you even take to the woods. Try shooting them at the range to see if any of your arrows are not flying true, or if your bow might need to be tuned. I would also recommend that you try them with your broadheads to see if they might have any affect on your overall accuracy.


The pros of using lighted nocks surely outweigh their cons, and they are surprisingly fairly priced! For around $25 you can be outfitted with 3 lighted nocks to help you improve the odds of finding your deer. In my opinion, at this day in age; there is no reason not to give lighted nocks a try for bowhunting. If they are legal in the area you hunt of course…

By: Dylan Lenz


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