Food Plots

Best Food For Whitetails (Hint: Not Ag)

Food For Whitetails

Food For Whitetails

If your goal is to provide the best food for whitetails during the hours of daylight, then ag land is bad when it comes to deer habitat in general, let alone for daily food sources. Definition of daily deer movement, herd influence and ultimately your ability to find and create a great hunt will all suffer, if you rely on agricultural land for deer food. Food plots are needed in agricultural settings so that you can become the herd influencer in the neighborhood. By creating food plots you can supply the local deer herd with a highly defined foundation of daylight deer movement. With effective food plots combined with high quality woody browse, you can determine where deer spend their shooting hours, before sending them to surrounding at fields during the night. There are several reasons that you need to understand, so that you can find the best food for whitetails on your land, this Fall...


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