Tunda Oats

Tunda Oats

This package includes one 48lb bag of Tundra Oats

A cold hearty blend of oats that can be used in a variety of ways, including: A cool season single-seed attraction, as a cover crop for perennial plantings, and as compliment for a carefully crafted blend.

Tundra Oats:

  • High attraction cold hearty oat blend
  • For use in a wide variety of soils, alone or within a mix
  • Plant within mixes or as a Spring cover crop for perennials at a rate of 25#s during early to mid August in northern areas and late August to mid September in southern areas.
  • Plant alone at a minimum rate of 100#s per acre in early September in northern areas and late September thru early October in southern areas.
  • Forage designed to be available from early to late season
  • Use effective weed control to find an adequate level of success

-Seed varieties: Cold hearty oats blend

-Longevity: Annual

-Sunlight needed: Full Sun

-When to plant: Spring cover crop, Fall mix or Fall stand-alone crop

-Purpose: Multi-purpose high attraction mix, stand alone or complimentary crop

-Use 25#s per acre in mixes, 50#s per acre as a Spring cover crop and 100#s per acre as a Fall stand-alone plot

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