How To Design Your Deer Hunting Parcel


The Whitetail Web Class That You Need!

I'm really excited to introduce this web class series because it will change the way you create and hunt deer habitat for the rest of your life.

Since 2005, I've consulted on over 1000 parcels in 26 states. That's at least one every single week of the year for the last 15 years!

By the end of this web class, you will be able to look at your land, and be able to design your own parcel. You get to experience firsthand the exact steps and methods I use when I design a whitetail parcel. My concepts have been refined from hundreds of client experiences since 2005 and decades of advanced whitetail habitat and hunting success stories going all the way back to the mid 80s.

While nothing compares to an actual visit to your property in-person, this class will give you the tools to help you design a whitetail hunting parcel for yourself that a short "online consultation" can never provide.

Jeff Sturgis in Class

Learn the key pieces of Whitetail Habitat Design

Featuring 18 online video lessons in over 10 hours of video, you’ll learn:

  • The entire strategy of food plots that fit YOUR parcel
  • How, where and why to create bedding areas and when to hunt them
  • The true test of morning, evening and mid day treestand setups
  • How waterholes and mock scrapes can create highly defined buck movements
  • Why more habitat isn't necessarily better for you herd or hunt
  • How much Depth of Cover you need on your land
  • Critical Buck AND Doe Bedding strategies
  • Where you should feature soft and hard mast on your land
  • How to wade through Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) practices that actually make a difference for your herd and hunt
  • Proven trail cam concepts & strategies that will build your herd and hunt
  • How and Why your whitetail design can match the natural habitat features that are specific to your land
  • How to keep doe family groups spook-feee on your land so that mature bucks will slot into alignment
  • Why you can't have a great hunt without a great herd
  • How to set habitat and hunting priorities based on your personal resources
  • The 80/20 rule: how to turn 5 years of work into a high level of success, in just 5 months or less
  • Does your land pass these 7 essential tests?

... and much more!

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Your Instructor

Jeff Sturgis takes decades of pursuing his passion, and then professionally transfers those pursuits into the enhancement of his client’s, reader's and viewer's hunting and habitat experiences, across the entire country. Jeff prides himself in creating the healthiest free-ranging deer herds in the world of whitetails, as well as taking on the challenge of hunting the oldest bucks in the neighborhood. Not only has he been able to create, own and operate a successful business in the whitetail industry since 2005, but he has been able to work along side his wife Diane while doing so.

Jeff received the QDMA's Deer Manager of the Year award in 2004, and hasn't stopped learning since. After studying and creating over 1000 whitetail videos and articles, as well as working on over 1000 client lands across 26 whitetail states, Jeff is in a league of his own when it comes to the ability to design your habitat, herd and hunt - anywhere a whitetail roams!

Thank you for being so willing to share the knowledge that has taken you years of hard work to obtain. Cheers from SW Michigan!

This is a great channel. Each video is so informative.

I didn't think it was possible for you to improve in my book, then you go and mention MUSKY fishing! You are truly amazing. Thanks for all the info you provide.

This isn't your everyday deer hunting B.S. Jeff has very concrete ideas about deer movement that I will be able to implement on my property.

Thank you for your videos. You are a profound hunter and deer expert. I am really enjoying your videos.

I would also like to take a moment to express my satisfaction with my meeting with Kevan.
—Ryan C- New York

God love ya Jeff. Easter Sunday and you’re making available yet another informative video. You are so passionate when it comes to this!

Once again great info and content, keep it coming Sir, you are the boss.

Another Fantastic video Jeff! I love how you break down the depth of cover!

I received the work book and cap, they are both high quality. Good job. Loving the class, great stuff.


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Make sure to follow along with your web class workbook that will be personally signed by Jeff and mailed to your shortly after your purchase. For the first class, “How To Design Your Deer Hunting Parcel”, there is room for notes on each page, as well as pages to begin designing your parcel towards the end of the book.
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Why I don't believe in "online consultations"

Since 2005 I have designed over 1000 deer parcels for paying clients in 26 states. However, I understand that not every individual can pay my daily rate of nearly $3000. Also, even though I am visiting 125 clients during the 2020 client season, that total number is likely the most I will ever again. I really like to stay home more often throughout the year to spend time with family, friends and the whitetail lands that I personally work and hunt on. I am often asked to complete online or phone consultations and those practices simply are not effective and even with the level of experience that I carry, I do not believe that those level of services create enough depth and value to place my stamp of approval on. Due to a lack of time, folks that simply can’t afford to have me visit their land and the level of inaccuracy that online or phone consultations provide, my WHS web classes have been born!

An exceptional compromise

I am extremely excited to deliver to you what I feel is an exceptional compromise between my actual boots on the ground at your deer parcel versus the lower level of accuracy for online and phone consultations. What I try do my best through my web class is to take you through the logical progression of steps for what it takes to design your whitetail parcel in person, by allowing you to make the decisions of balance needed to accurately build a plan that fits you, your resources, your land and the local needs of the whitetail herd. The concepts work, the concepts have been originated by me personally and the concept have been proven over decades of work by tens of thousands of viewers, readers and clients. While these are the concepts that flood my books and over 1000 articles and videos that can be found on my website and YouTube channel, this is the most comprehensive set of content that can be used to effectively design your whitetail parcel – within the steps that you should work to complete them in.

By the conclusion of the class you should know where to place your bedding areas, habitat plantings, deer travel corridors, waterholes, morning stands, evening stands, food plots, much more – and WHY! In the end your land should pass the 7 tests of whitetail habitat and hunting design and if not, well, the lessons, books, and exclusive private membership in our WHS Facebook web class and client page, are all resources to help you get the job done right!

My WHS Web Classes (more to come) are the next best thing to having me design your land in person, and I am excited to open the availability of these classes to a far greater number of folks than the number I personally work with per year – at a much more affordable price!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What do I need to access the course?

If you have an Internet connection and a modern web browser, you'll be able to view the content.

Can I download the course for offline use?

Not at this time but please let us know if this is something you need. We might be able to make accommodations due to your circumstances (eg spotty/slow Internet, plane trip, etc.).

Is the course available on other formats (eg DVD, audio only).

Not at this time. However, please let us know if this is something you would find useful.

Are there closed-captions / transcript available?

Not yet, but please let us know so we can make accommodations.

What if I am unhappy with the course? Is there any refunds?

If you are unsatisfied, please let us know so we can address your concern.

I purchased the class—how do I login?

After you purchase the class, you will be prompted to create a password to this website and setup your account. If you forgot your password please try resetting it.

What Others Are Saying

Good Day. I am not sure where the best place to express my thanks for you sharing the information on YouTube so I picked your website. I enjoy watching you and occasionally Dylan almost everyday sharing your knowledge. Long story short my dad, sister, nephew, and myself lost our shotgun hunting spot after the 2021 season. It was a great spot on a farm where all we had to do was show up and we would see deer. Been like that for 20 years. Easy really LOL! Now for over 10 years my my dad has had 27 acres of mature timber that straddles a rather deep creek with no field edges. He tried to bow hunt on it a few times with no success at seeing daylight deer despite having a small food plot. Since it was really our best opportunity to hunt outside of public land, I started researching deer information and came across your YouTube videos. I never knew there was so much to learn about deer hunting and habitat. I put together a design for 18 acres on one side of the creek (the other 9 acres is a 2024 project due to bridge issues) and we worked as much as we could to implement the design (there is more than enough to still do this coming year). The plan did work as we saw many daylight deer on the trail cams. Mostly does consistently with bucks sprinkled in starting late September. We had no idea what the deer herd was like here. Turned out to be pretty good by our standards as our shooter board had two 10 pointers and three 8 pointers. In the end my dad and my sister took does and my nephew got one of the 8 pointers off our board. My nephew also got a 6 pointer with a bow while my dad passed on number of yearlings with his bow. I didn't get any as first season I went to a wedding in San Diego (could not pass up the warm weather) and by second season all the cover was mostly gone (hence more work still to be done for late season hunting as it was straight up mature woods we started with). I am very happy overall with the results and could not have done without your information and willingness to share.

My dad was a bit old school and not quite on board with the plan I put together from your information however he is now. With the season over and the only green food being the winter rye our cameras did have 12 does and yearlings on the main food plot which is only 20yds by 90 yds. He said he has never seen that many deer total over the 10 years let alone during the day at the same time. We are so grateful for your expertise and that we can continue to deer hunt and create memories. Definitely a new chapter for us in the deer hunting space. I even got my first bow for this year! :) I look forward to your future videos and podcasts. Thank you again!


Mike F

I wanted to send these over so you could forward them to Jeff, I have hunted in Western PA my whole life and to shoot a buck over 120” is an accomplishment for most hunters. I have spent hours watching Jeff’s youtube videos. The pictures below are from bucks I shot since I started listening to what he taught on his videos about 4 years ago. Prior to watching his videos I never shot anything bigger than a 125” buck. I just wanted to take a moment to thank him for his dedication and knowledge, he has helped me to become a way better hunter and not spend an eternity of hours in the woods spooking deer. The biggest buck shot was one on a cold front morning, I had covid and had about a 700 yard walk to get to my stand in order to not spook them going in. I felt terrible but knew I had to be there. I learned where he was bedding and where he was eating. It was pouring down rain and when the rain stopped at 7:00 I shot the buck at 7:18 like clockwork. I recommend his videos to all of my friends and will always promote his business. I have been busy with work which is why im getting these plot mixes so late. Prior to this year I never needed food plots to hunt as I just took the basic principals I learned from jeff and used them, in this case this year I have to keep my target bucks a little closer on a new property since there is so much pressure here. Anyways Thanks again Jeff for all you do and continue to do, im excited to share the knowledge I have learned from you with my kids. Im not a kiss ass type of person but figured you might enjoy seeing the good that your doing by helping hunters.

Thank you,


Josh L- Pennsylvania

“I took home a buck, first time on the farm. Owned it 4 years. We can’t thank you enough for all that you did!”

Bill A- Ohio

My son and I had Jeff come out in early August 2022. We worked on the plan he provided us and finished it up the second week of September. We improved some bedding areas, combined 2 smaller food plots into one large plot, and created a deer trail all the way around the property to tie everything together. We hung several cameras on this trail; each over a mock scrape. We instantly noticed several deer using this trail. By thickening up the center of the property, a couple of nice bucks started to use our place as their new home. This provided me with the opportunity to take this nice 10 point the second week of November. He was a local buck on our 40 acres, and we had several daytime pictures of him. We had been working on our property for about five years and thought we were on the right track. However, by having Jeff come out to help us improve our habitat plan, we realized we needed to make some changes. Now we are very confident that we have a great deer hunting property now. Phil and Matt R, Central Michigan

Phil R- Michigan

Picture of deer are average bucks in my plots, “layered Rye” & clover, we currently are seeing 8 deer similar in rack size with 2 other bucks approximately 150 class, not bad for a few acres of food plots with a newcomer planting them…although I can’t take the credit, I followed Jeff’s advice to a tee!

John M- Pennsylvania

How To Design Your Deer Hunting Parcel

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