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Mature Buck Success by Design

Revealing “Buck of a Lifetime” Strategies Since 2005

Released December 2015

“Consistent opportunities for harvesting mature bucks on private or public land can be created each season, if you follow the concepts in these pages. From scouting reclusive monarchs, to carefully preparing for the hunt, to climbing into a stand to ambush your next mature buck of a lifetime; here is your entire 365 day strategy to help you realize the ultimate potential of whitetail success.”

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The following advanced mature buck strategies and many more, will be revealed to you:

  • Monster Shed Hunting and Habitat Secrets
  • Finding a Mature Buck Bedding Area
  • Rubline Hunting Forecast
  • Trail Cam Clues for Disovering Hidden Movements
  • Real World Scent Control
  • Harvesting a Nocturnal Giant
  • How, When, Where and Why to Create a Mock Scrape
  • Wind, Rain and Moon Effects
  • Weather Formulas for Precision Predictions
  • Hunting Pressure Monarchs
  • Early Season Buck Mapping
  • The Art of Big Buck Morning Hunting
  • Taming the October Lull
  • Treestand Timing and Rotation Guide
  • Core Vs. Non Core Mature Bucks
  • Navigating the Rut
  • Late Season Precision Practices


WhitetailSuccessbyDesign-BookCover-3-1Food Plot Success by Design

Growing Your Next Hunt Of A Lifetime

Released May 2014

Experience Food Plot Success Now!

“Hunting and management success does not happen by chance, it happens by design. Jeff’s greatest gift to us, I believe, are the blueprints he has left us within these pages – providing us the instructions and tools we need to properly design and build our whitetail masterpiece.” -Mark Kenyon,

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You will discover the answers to the following questons of Food Plot Design:

  • Why do certain food plot designs work better than others?
  • How can you develop systems of plots that encourage daylight actvity from mature bucks?
  • If I place a food plot here, how will it affect an entry route to a stand locaton over there?
  • If I plant this crop, will it impact my ability to hunt this property?
  • Is it possible to influence bedding habits based on what and where you plant plots?
  • Will my food plot plans influence the buck to doe rato on my property?
  • Can food plots, in some circumstances, cause more harm than help?
  • When, why, and how should I hunt a food plot, if ever?
  • Should a bedding area or food plot, be located within a Sanctuary?
  • How do I use food to atract, hold, grow, protect and kill mature bucks?


IMG_20141002_155915Whitetail Success by Design

Designing Your Next Hunt of a Lifetime

Released September 2012

Experience Whitetail Success Now!

“Whether you hunt private or public land, I am confident that the concepts described here can help you design your next whitetail hunt of a lifetime. I have personally relied upon these concepts of Whitetail Design to achieve Whitetail Success for decades, and I am excited for you to do the same!”

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You will discover the following concepts of Whitetail Design:

  • Depth of Cover
  • Food and Cover Balance
  • Bedding Layers for Mature Bucks
  • Critical Food and Cover Timing
  • Cool Season Bedding Cover
  • Analyzing the Structure of a Whitetail Habitat
  • Predatory Access for Mature Bucks
  • Morning Attacks for Mature Bucks
  • Recognizing Stand Conditions for Mature Bucks
  • Low Stress Deer Herds
  • Creation of Deer Movement
  • Establishing Patters of Food Plot Use
  • And many more!


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